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Insect Control Treatment

Protect Your Trees Against Insects

At Martel Foresterie Urbaine, We provide tree fertilization services and insect control treatments, which are administered in the following ways:

• By implanting a systemic ACECAP- or MEDICAP-type capsule for insects that are harmful to trees, such as aphids;

Insect in a leaf

• By injecting a systemic TREEAZIN treatment against the emerald ash borer. This boring insect from Asia damages ash trees exclusively, and has only recently arrived in the Montréal area.

Mr. Collette is our representative, and is in charge of occupational health and safety.

We hold all of the required permits and application certificates for carrying out this type of work.

For more information, visit or contact our team of specialists.


Take advantage of the expertise of our arboriculturalists-tree pruners!

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