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Pruning and Thinning

Martel Foresterie Urbaine Provides Pruning and Thinning Services

This type of work, which is also called sanitation cutting, is the most often recommended treatment for the well-being of your trees. It entails removing dead, broken, harmful, intrusive and sick branches, along with sprouts and stubs.

In general, pruning also includes clearing around surrounding structures (houses, wires, sheds, neighbouring properties, etc.).

Regardless of the size or age of your tree, Martel Foresterie Urbaine will provide you with superior-quality pruning services. Contact us today!

Thinning: Aerating and Lightening

Thinning is a more intense pruning that involves aerating and lightening the crown of the tree from the inside (without removing more than 30%), without changing the size of the crown.


Take advantage of the expertise of our arboriculturalists-tree pruners!

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