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Martel Foresterie Urbaine is Your Specialist in Arboriculture

Professional-quality arboricultural requires the expertise of qualified technicians in order to guarantee the proper results. That is why we are committed to remaining current with respect to the latest tree-maintenance techniques.

The team at Martel Foresterie Urbaine is proud to provide you with professional services and take complete charge of your trees and all of your urban forestry needs. Trust in us for the following services:

Pruning on the edge of a road

In order to ensure that our work meets your highest expectations, we have a fleet of more than 30 different types of vehicles:

• 18 service trucks, including 7 pruning pods with a working-height range of 60 to 65 feet

• 11 branch chippers, including 8 with a capacity of 30 cm (12 inches) cut diameter de

• 3 stumpers

• 1 truck with a 52-foot articulated loader with a lifting capacity of 6.5 tons

• 1 loader/tractor equipped with an excavator

When you trust in the experts at Martel Foresterie Urbaine, your trees are in good hands!

Important Information:

If the tree is located within 3 metres (10 feet) of a medium-tension wire, you must contact Hydro-Québec’s Customer Service department in order to inform them that the power must be turned off before we can carry out our work.

Please note that the passage of machinery, including pruning pods, stumpers, etc., as required, may leave marks on the ground. Therefore, you should prepare for a minimum of ground repairs, as applicable.


Take advantage of the expertise of our arboriculturalists-tree pruners!

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